Ride 2 is Here!

This cool collection of cycling related fiction is now available as an ebook!
It features my images on the cover and inside, super cool!



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One Response to Ride 2 is Here!

  1. I am a huge fan of your work. It is far and away the best cycling-specific art that I have come across and it only occured to me to hunt down your blog after seeing the cover of Ride 2. It bothered me for a couple days. I was haunted by the sense that I had seen it before and then it came together for me when I was random-browsing an old site of a lost cyclist (Ken Kifer) and there was your work and your name and now here am I with a simple request: I would like to put one of your pieces on the sideboard of my blog (credited and linked) with each post. Oh, if there is a biography-profile that you want to include, let me know. I’m notoriously lazy about hunting this kind of info down so just tell me and I will footnote it with the first time I use your work. My primary question is if you are a rider? OK…maybe I’ll try harder… wait…ok, damn! Unless you bring that cargo bike to the shows in the back of a U-Haul you ride indeed! Google is crazy.
    Still, any personal notes would be welcome.

    I tried too hard to prepare a piece for Ride 2. My abilities run more to yarns and wise-assery than to handsome fiction. But maybe next time…


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