Got me thinking

April 13, 2015 - 5:17pm

The Bklyn museum Kehinde Wiley show had me thinking a lot -  about what is painting:art. Or why paint. 

I get that his work is more about the message than the painting and he 's painting because of the historical/cultural place of painting not actually for the love of the medium.
I guess that's ok, more Rosenquist than Rauschenberg.

My favorite painting in the show was the earliest one and I think the only one that was really about paint and surface.
Of a man who's tremendous hair became the painting, composition surface, the way it went to tight detail and broke into loose brushstrokes.
It was from the 2001-02 Harlem Studio Museum show. The show that introduced the art world/ J Dietch to his work
and made me wonder what if his work developed down that avenue.