© 2002 Ben Law-Viljoen 

Creating art centered around bicycles has been my passion since 1996 when I first embraced cycling for transportation in NYC. Each piece originates from observations, with me in the studio, looking at the bike. These works, ranging from paintings to handmade prints, serve as a visual celebration and documentation of my community.

Bicycles, represent more than just a mode of transportation—they embody independence, freedom, and endless possibilities as self-propelled symbols. Through borrowed bikes and studio sessions, I craft compositions that showcase their unique and universal qualities. Each bike reflects the design aesthetics of its era, providing a timeless exploration of the evolving cultural and technological landscape.

Painting bikes is more than an artistic choice; it’s a deliberate focus on positivity. By placing these remarkable machines at the core of my work, I aim to share the joy, beauty, and significance I find in the world of bicycles.