Custom Paintings

Yes, I do commissions! Here are the basics   I paint from observation and need the bike in my studio while working. Pieces on paper or small canvases take from 2 days to 2 weeks. larger paintings, 2 weeks to one month. I can work with some time constraints. I'm close with a bike shop that assembles, packs and ships the bike, if it is not in the NYC area. a deposit of ½ the cost, fixes a place on my schedule and the balance when the picture is complete.   There’s a new option. I now offer sketches, small 6x8” oil paintings on museum board. I need the bike for two days and make a group of sketches. The cost is $150, that includes your choice of one sketch. Addional sketches are $50 ea.   Commissions are priced 25% more than existing paintings. Prices of finished paintings are based on size and range from $800 - $4,000.Click on thumbnails on the
gallery, to get an idea of cost. please let me know if you are interested or have questions.