Giant Brush

February 11, 2019 - 12:06pm
Something that had been going on in the background for awhile.Is the ground of my paintings.Lately I have morphed from making tons of little sketches   etc.To trying to bring that same fast freshness to larger canvases.Primarily 40x30".A thing my little 5x7" sketches have that the larger ones lacked is lovely brushy groundsmade by one layer of color applyed with a 3" chip brush.A 3" chip on the larger surface would be too activeI tried an 8 inch brush, it was hard to find a chip brush with the coarse bristle in that size,a nylon brush with had a  soft bristle and did not leave the desired strie.I ordered 8" chip brushes from China.  they were cheap but took a month to arrive.they were surprisingly nice brushes but not actually 8".I'm sure there's a joke in there.I ordered more from a different Chinese company, so we'll see next month.Meanwhile I made a new tool, joining two of the brush heads into a giant paddle brush.             They've already been put to use priming two 30x40" canvases and worked great!!It's a subtle variation that will hopefully give more life and breath to the larger work.It's funny to get super excited over this detail, I am, & love the new brush!