Summer Sunday

July 26, 2015 - 8:35pm

We got back from our wonderful family vacation Saturday night
which gave me this rare Summer Sunday off.
So Dave and I rode to Coney Island
Taking the scenic route, under the Verrazano.


At Coney
We snacked on peaches, thick potato fries and lemonade
then checked out the Art Walls 
which were awesome!



Me with work by Maya Hayuk, Kenny Sharf and Kaves
Dave with work by ROA

After Coney we swung by Brighton Beach 
and sat by the sea
before heading home
passing through Prospect Park
stopping at the drum circle
where we had sorrel drinks and cake
enjoyed the atmosphere
then wandered through Grand Army Plaza
as we made our way back to Broadway.

So nice to have a lazy summer Sunday
just for wandering