Vocal Fry

February 25, 2015 - 3:35pm

Ages ago I was on WNYC on the Brian Lehrer show
which was exciting, 'cause I listen to alot of WNYC
and a little scary, because I'm shy.

I had fun being on the radio 
talking about cycling in the city, one of my favorite things.
There was alot of great response and a little negitive response.

A couple of the comments said nasty things about my voice.
Someone said that they were interested in what I had to say
but could not bear my voice and had to turn the radio off.
It made me feel self concious
and hyper aware of faults with my speaking voice.
Until today!!

When I was listening to This American Life
and heard this piece on vocal fry
learned that it is not a big deal
I am not alone (In fact I'm in very good company) !!

Thank you TAL,
I feel so much better now!!