I like to paint bikes because...

January 6, 2017 - 10:32pm

Bikes are beautiful,
& because they’re designed to carry the figure there is something very figurative about them.
Something natural and not, because they are made to fit our proportions.

They make lovely compositions.

There are great frame makers who make beautiful bikes that are works of art to begin with and are wonderful to look at (and paint pictures of)

Bikes get personalized through use, either with deliberate customization or wear and become unique and associated with a person.
I often see my friends bikes locked up outside and know they are around, painting bikes celebrates my community and celebrates cycling.

When people bring me their bikes to paint it is great to learn the ways they are into cycling and always very positive, humbling and inspiring.

Bikes are both unique and universal
They are a powerful symbol of independence.
With a bike you are going somewhere!