June 22, 2018 - 10:16am
for the first time I had a street fair booth on a weekday.I met nice people, did ok and the weather was nice.Riding home during weekday rush hour Many intersections were blockedI popped up on the Kenmare  sidewalk  to avoid the worst traffic.and there was Minerva of Drawing studio fame.I wish I had taken a picture.I love Minerva!  She's been a friend for more than 25 years, since I wandered in to the drawing studio she started on Lafayette.It was a pleasure to have an impromtu  conversation about everything and family and community and how great it is that she has built a thriving, creative, community around the drawing studio.I have been so busy in my own studio that I haven't made it over in a bit, but will be back there soon.Here's a link to the schedual the short poses are my favorite.