work patterns

March 1, 2021 - 7:42am

I saw a web video yesterday where a guy was trying to re-create the work patterns of Picasso. I think he does a series of trying to create the schedules of different notable people. For Picasso he woke up really late and hung out until about one or two and started working and basically worked well into the night. This was Picasso in Paris at about 1912. Cubist Picasso. Interesting to me was that he worked in chunks of time dedicating for hours just something and then doing something else. This is the guy, not Picasso. I struggle trying to be productive and I find it helpful to work with a timer. I often set the timer for an hour and aim to work at whatever task. I have been listening to lots of books about artists, Lucian Freud, the 9th Street Women, I also read finished reading the Celia Paul book and then got a little obsessed and was looking at lots of articles and interviews with her. She mentioned how driven Lucian was when he painted and how he was angry with himself to keep his focus. Maybe I need to be harder on myself. Also all these things I’ve been reading deal with of the journey of the artist. Different takes on a singular devotion to painting.