August 4, 2012 - 12:00am

Detour at Reload Bags in Philadelphia
August and September 2012
September 15 backyard reception party 7-10 pm!

Last Thursday we went to Philadelphia to install Silhouette prints at Detour@ReLoad Bags.

ReLoad is great!
They’ve been making gorgeous messenger bags
about as long as I’ve been painting pictures of bicycles.

This is the fourth we’ve done together
The last time was a group show of artful messenger bags 
before that we showed my paintings in 2005 and 2003

Now it in the Detour front window space,
put together by Miriam Singer
Thanks Miriam!
Mark September 15 on your calendar
& join us for a   backyard reception party 7-10 pm!
Detour @ Reload Bags R.E.Load Bags
608 N. 2nd St.  Philadelphia,