Jase's Bike with Heart

September 11, 2019 - 8:26am

Jase's Bike with Heart is one of my most popular images.
I've made it as prints and t shirts

the drawing originally came from a pre painting study of the  bike.

Jase had commissioned a painting of his bike as he was deteriorating from ALS.

He was a great guy, it was a privledge to know him. I wish ALS was curable.
I was so moved by his grace, he is often in my thoughts.

I sat on the drawing for a long time.  
years later in the fall after my brother died

my sisters and I texted alot. there were alot of hearts, broken hearts, and love for each other in a hard time.

The image came back to me and I made the heartlike seat into a heart and made a print.

the bike looks so sweet so rough

It felt to me like an homage to hope, hope though loss.

to move forward...