Spanish Flip Flop T Shirt 1
August 15, 2011
Screenprint , x "

Spanish Flip Flop T Shirt
I love the big bold print in dark blue ink.
& the shirt is awesome.
It's a power washed uni-sex T
from American Apparel

The print is from a drawing of one of my favorite bikes.

The bike is from Spain
and has that old world charm.
Lovely steel with rod lever brakes.
The bike has a very feminine side,
a step through frame and skirt lacing holes
on the rear fender.
But it's tough.
It has a cool decal of a track racer on the top tube
and a flip flop hub with a fixed gear

available in unisex sizes,
small, medium, large
This cut looks great on men and women
I wear a women's medium and the XS fits well.