Velox Ace - Oil Sketch Litho 1
August 29, 2020
Chine Colle, Lithograph on paper, 23 x 17"
edit. 4

These prints are good but a little light. I need to work on my inking. However I’m so knocked out by being able to use oil paint, I can finally get these marks. The detail in the brushstrokes was perfect. I am so knocked out by this technique. I can’t believe I’ve always thought of etching and relief as the most accessible forms of printmaking when litho with the related techniques actually work and are home studio friendly. I think that what you learn in class and in the professional studio stone lithography works for hundreds of prints which is so much more than one would do as an artist. I believe I could get at least 20 to 40 prints out of this technique which is fine.
I'm also excited about using chine colle this way.