Classic Mystery Bike Prints 40
Monoprint on paper, 15 x 11"

I'm calling this train of thought printmaking. Pulling monoprints. Letting one idea move to the other. I love this one. With the bold red stroke as the tire and the brushy brushy blackness in the frame. I’ve been struggling with how to do color prints with the litho technique. I’ve planned to do a rainbow roll but I haven’t had an image fill my heart. I have been doing some prints with his red and black. The thing with multi plate color printing is the wet ink offsets back from the paper to the plate so you have to clean the whole plate in order to pull another impression. Or wait until the ink on the paper dries. So that kills the flow and it’s a nonstarter. This print makes me think I can make a litho of the black and hand paint the one stroke of the tire. I love the brushstrokes in it.