Juvenile 1
June 3, 2021
Acrylic, Collage, Ink on paper, 23 x 17"
Private Collection

I’m getting some ideas for printmaking and will start with some drawing. I want to do a wood cut using that kids BMX bike. Having a line of the bike as a diagonal generally and leaving it mainly uncut on the lower left side. I think I should do a small one first and then do a big one on some of that luan . To fit into it 17 x 23 and sheet. I could do it where I cut it and then continue cutting. Not to print a reductive would cut but to print different stages. Somewhere it’s nearly abstract and somewhere it’s detailed. I can see the woodgrain printed with black ink my head. Then maybe I should do some in different colors. if I do that I need to start with the different colors , once Black gets on the plate , that’s it.

This is on Arches paper