Spanish Flip Flop - Kitchen Litho Sketches 3
January 14, 2022
Lithograph on paper, 7.50 x 5.75"
edit. 3

to get suspicious that the tinfoil was oxidized as my first three tries had bold stripes of ink.
I pulled tinfoil out until it was tight on the roll. this one has worked perfectly.
I’m sure there will still be tons more kinks to work out as I get back into the kitchen litho

I want to feel like I’m in art school

Number three. This one’s the profile with the front wheel. I’m more interested in the technique than the drawing. But I hope to do some good drawing soon.
It’s actually not so bad. I might print a few and maybe with chine colle. I like how the line of the sharpie feels etched. I also like the weird stray accidental marks that come with this technique