Scott's Follis - Mao - Print Experiment
Tempera Sticks, Lithograph on paper various dimensions

I'm using this image as a vehicle to experiment with litho. The idea was to make a trace litho of the Follis image. Make the drawing inspired by how Warhol draws from tracing in his purple mao image and also the society portraits and later work. I think mine came out well. And i like that style of traced drawing. Then i printed one on tracing paper and then made nine prints that were inspired by warhols mao prints suite. I dampened ten sheets and there actually are ten Mao prints. Most pictures of them show nine. Dave thought the color on the tenth was weird and he didnt like it. I screwed up on the registration so bad on one print that it couldn’t be in the group so i reprinted it and didnt do the tenth weird one. I’m happy with the’s cool how the plate deteriorates and has lots of noise by the end.

Work in Progress
Click on each picture to see the painting happen