The Bauer - Small Blind Drawings Lithos
Sharpie on paper 9x7"

I'm taking a printmaking class, non toxic litho, at the Manhattan Graphics Center. This week we got introduced to polyester plate lithography. It uses a sheet of paper-like polyester that has lots and lots of tiny holes giving it a porus surface that holds water. The printing matrix is made by drawing on the sheet with waterproof media like crayons, ballpoint, pen, sharpie, etc. Drawing blocks these microscopic holes and makes that area repel water. The paper is then dampened with a mix of water and gum Arabic. When oil based ink is rolled on It adheres to the image. It can be printed on paper via a run through the press. I adore this comical circus bicycle. Its peculiar geometry gives it a unique and charming character.

Work in Progress
Click on each picture to see the painting happen
1 January 23, 2024