Velox Ace - 2020 Litho Experiment 2
Chine Colle, Lithograph on paper, 10 x 8"

also a disaster. Though getting more of the image. This time I’m following the rules and surprised it's not a success. I need to look at directions again,watch a few more movies. I'm obviously missing something. This time I worked on a sheet of tinfoil that was not attached to a plate. seemed a little easier. I still had Too much press pressure but the real problem was that the image didn’t come up and ink properly. I tried one more time with cola instead of vinegar and had absolutely no luck at all.
There have been some good things so far. I used a different paper for the print that I wasn't sure was printmaking paper, it's a mystery heavy white coverstock and it worked fine. I also used an ingres drawing paper for cine colle and was happy with that too. I was able to adjust the press pressure by padding with chipboard. This press is such a challenge to adjust I want to keep the pressure the same and adjust it by increasing or decreasing what I roll through it. I'm getting really confidant with the chine colle.